Feed Pellet Machine

  • Choosing automobile reducer gear to do transmission, high continuous working efficiency, motor running resistance is low.
  • Double universal joint, connect the machine and power, reduce friction.
  • Power source: diesel engine, electric motor, gasoline engine, PTO
  • Capacity: 80kg-4000kg (suitable for fish, fowl, animals, etc.)

Pellet Mill Prices & Usage Scenarios​

Feed Pellet Mill Pictures​

Features and Benefits

  • Widely choice of different kinds of biomass materials. Pellets in different diameters can be customized
  • The pressing shaft and grinding plate are made of chrome-manganese steel, which is more durable after high-temperature quenching treatment, the wear resistance is 20 times that of ordinary materials
  • They feed low moisture content, have easy storage, and have no bacteria. widely used for livestock farms, etc.
  • Add full hyperbolic heavy-duty gear oil, grind for 2-3 hours with our corn and mixture material for machine test and make sure each machine works well

Pellet Mill Technical Data


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