50HP 4 Wheel Tractor

  • 50hp 4 wheel forest tractor, reinforced gearbox, the 504 tractors with double-speed power output, a variety of operations with more than 30 types of attachments
  • Adjustable wheel track, suitable for ridging work.
  • The use of enhanced drive axle design, with superior product performance.
  • Separate combination lamps and lanterns, safe operation at night

50HP 4 Wheel Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

50HP 4 Wheel Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • The safety coefficient of the whole machine increased by 25%
  • With the hydraulic power steering system, four-wheel-drive models can equip full hydraulic steering, the steering will be more smooth and flexible in hard field conditions
  • Small turning radius: 2-wheel drive 3.4m, 4-wheel drive 4.2m
  • A good tractor for a plot about 15 ha, seeding, ditching, laminating

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