Who is Panda Tractor

Panda Tractor not only provides the whole series of agricultural machinery but also training and guidance for machine repair & maintenance.

We cut all unnecessary bullshits, save time and money, directly send the most suitable tractors and attachments into the hands of farmers. The agricultural machinery was unlike anything else we had ever seen or felt before, especially a lot of people who went through starvation caused by COVID-19.

We studied and researched as much as we could about soil texture, market requirements, and the ecological environment of East Europe, South America, and Pan-Africa.

By taking the unique advantage of the supply chain, the most suitable product package could be provided with a desirable timeframe and moderate prices to clients.

Numbers We Are Proud Of

Although we are just starting out in the international market, we have no doubt that one day in the future our brand will be recognized all over the world, thanks to our heritage in the domestic market.

Panda Tractor wholesale business is never easy, but we have enough confidence in our products, and these figures witness our development in the international market, would you like to be our business partner?

You can choose to become our exclusive distributor and after signing the agreement, you will be the sole importer for the local market and our stable quality Tractors, Accessories, and a range of peripheral products will only be sold to you.


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Let PandaTractor grow your profit now!

Panda Tractor has been in the business of wholesale Hand Tractor, 4 Wheel Tractor for 12 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality agricultural machinery.


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