40HP Greenhouse Tractor

  • 404 orchard tractors are compact tractors that design to fit in the small and narrow workspace
  • As well as maneuver around a tight corner
  • Rollbar and canopy available
  • 8F+2R gear shift and strong lifting
  • Widely used such as plow in the greenhouse, Spray orchard trees, and Earth up grapes

40HP Greenhouse Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

40HP Greenhouse Tractor Technical Data

Features and Benefits

  • Four-cylinder direct transmission diesel engine
  • Better fuel-saving and durability, saving more than 10%-20% power more than an ordinary tractor
  • With tooth embedded differential lock, unilateral braking system, and standard single and double speed power output
  • Supporting the completion of tillage, harrowing operations
  • It has a strong ability to break the soil, an operation that can make the soil finely broken, soil and fertilizer mixed evenly, the ground level off, dry land sowing or paddy field planting requirements is conducive to fighting for farming, labor-saving, low efficiency, and cost

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