50HP Orchard Tractor

  •  504 vineyard 4 cylinder tractor more powerful tractor for fruit trees
  • Creeper gears 8F+2R, great traction
  • With tooth embedded differential lock, unilateral braking system, and standard single and double speed power output
  • Power output speed 540-720rpm, with agricultural tools a wide range of applications

50HP Orchard Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

50HP Orchard Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • When plowing and rotary plowing in greenhouses, there is no need to pull out piles and no dead angle
  • The plowing depth and crushing degree are high, and higher working efficiency 
  • Enhanced sealing front drive axle, strong reliability
  • It can be applied to the cultivation, fertilization, soil crushing, spraying, and other field management of vegetable greenhouses, flower greenhouses, orchards, and woodlands

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