60HP 4x4 Tractor

  • 604 tractor equipped with forced up and down lifting,  an excellent tractor for the small plot, hard soil, hills
  • High-pressure common-rail turbocharging diesel engine, optional engine brand Xinchai, Xichai, Sida, Weichai, Yunnei, Laidong, etc.
  • A variety of wheels are optional, the rear wheels are variable speed control without step and adjustable (0.9-1.4 meter)
  • High ground clearance 440mm

60HP 4x4 Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

60HP 4x4 Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • 2-speed PTO (540/1000 rpm) allows you to set up the optimal operating mode for attachments
  • In addition, the “floating mode” is provided in hydraulics, which is very useful when plowing
  • Efficiently and quick enough to process any farm work, 40 kinds of attachments.
  • Small radius of turning and very functional tractor for silage cleaning, drag wood in the forest, auger for the tree, agricultural field sprayer, and fertilizer
  • Imported ceramic clutch plate, large torque reserve, excellent performance, prolonged service life

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