15HP Belt Drive Tractor

  • ZS1100 15hp single cylinder water cooling diesel engine tractor. Same chassis as 2 wheels walking tractor
  • 600-12/750-16 tire two-wheel drive
  • Comfortable seat, saving labor
  • Independent lifting, external generator

15HP Belt Drive Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

15HP Belt Drive Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • There are more than 20 kinds of attachments same as hand tractors
  • Wide range of functions to perform diverse work
  • Adjustable wheel track for different rows and types of farm work
  • Front-wheel track: 920-1250mm, Rear wheel track: 930-1260mm
  • Applicable to places like plain fields, vegetable greenhouses, orchards, slopes, and terraces were other large agricultural machinery difficult to operate

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