70HP 4WD Tractor

  • N-series chassis 52kw wheeled 70hp tractor
  • 8F+2R gear shift level. Perfect match for a 4-cylinder engine
  • 4×4 WD agricultural tractor, seamless tractor front axle. No leakage
  • Paddy wheel size 8.3-20/12.4-28
  • Air brake for the trailer, tread adjustable 1.2-1.5 meters

70HP 4WD Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

70HP 4WD Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • It adopts meshing sleeve shifting gear and an anti-off-gear device to solve the off-gear problem
  • With compact structure, easy maintenance, and reliability
  • It is a great tractor for large-scale farms or fields
  • Hydraulic steering, easy to operate, greatly reduces the labor intensity
  • Four-wheel drive is more suitable for viscous and wet soil operations
  • 704 heavy tractor for the farm over 30 hectares, 2 sets hydraulic multi valves
  • Customized technical and appearance

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