55HP 4WD Tractor

  • 554 is a 4-cylinder tractor, a medium-size tractor for paddy and dry fields
  • Large oil tank over 50L to meet long time working.
  • Optimized transmission structure, effectively improves the bearing capacity of the transmission system
  • Front tread: 950-1500mm & Rear tread: 960-1600mm

55HP 4WD Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

55HP 4WD Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • Supporting direct injection energy-saving four-cylinder diesel engine, low fuel consumption, strong power, and good economic performance
  • Light shift, meshing sleeve shift, and side gear shift are available
  • Gearbox adopts an 8F+8R shift, speed configuration is more reasonable
  • Driving seat with ergonomic design, safe and comfortable
  • Font and rear equipment make the tractor more functional

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