35HP 4 Wheel Tractor

  • 30HP farm tractor for Precision agricultural work–preparing soil, seeding, growing, harvesting.
  • 4×4 WD hydraulic steering small tractor, 4 cylinders famous Chinese brand engine
  • One set of hydraulic connects valves and electric connectors, convenience for farming implements, and loaded trailer
  • Hydraulic lifting, improve rotary tiller working
  • The front and rear ballast keep the tractor working more smoothly
  • Full set of spare parts

35HP 4 Wheel Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

35HP Four Wheel Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • Forced hydraulic lifting to make the equipment deep into the soil, deep tillage work

  • Front connect implements like a front loader, corn harvester, reaper, shovel, rear implements like boom sprayer, potato seeder, harvester, harrow, moldboard plow, ridger, high working efficiency for plot over 15-hectare cultivating land

  •  Test running for each tractor

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