30HP Belt Drive Tractor

  • 30hp four-wheel tractor, 4×4, dual cycle water-cooled engine, preventing the engine overheat and confirming a long time working
  • 8+2 Gear shift, more powerful, by engaging both sets of wheels, traction, and control improve. The additional weight contributes to a better grip on the road
  • Processing soil of any complexity quickly and efficiently to Transport solid and bulk cargo

30HP Belt Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

30HP Belt Wheel Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • Small turning radius, low body, can be freely shuttling in various crops of the orchard, greenhouse.
  • Mainly used in plain, hillside, hilly orchard areas rotary tillage, medicine, and ditching weeding, grinding, and returning to the field and other operations
  • Full hydraulic steering or Mechanical steering, small turning radius, 3 sets of outputs can attach all accessories.
  • Big and Wide tires, Strong power, low fuel consumption.
  • Belt transmission tractor, less cost but fully functional.

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