25HP 4WD Tractor

  • 24hp, 25hp with Europe V certificate mini 3 cylinders vertical, water-cooled diesel engine tractor
  • 4X4WD, tire 600-16/950-24
  • Rear hydraulic quick connector, small turning radius, hydraulic steering, wheel differential lock to prevent a slip in the mud land
  • Diesel engine gear transmission farm tractor, great traction, and large climb power
  • PTO 540rpm and it suits different farm tools for processing tilling, plowing, seeding, harvesting

25HP 4WD Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

25HP 4WD Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • The full gear transmission technology tractors are more than 30 years
  • The tractor has hot-sold in Eastern Europe for over 20 years
  • Stable product quality and affordable price
  • A wide range of implements and towed equipment can be connected to this model
  • The tractor can cultivate the land, sow and harvest, transport goods, remove snow, and other touch jobs
  • Buying a tractor with power will bring more benefits, saving time, relieving the farmer’s pressure 
  • Less cost a three-point hitch tractor but has a full function for all-season farming

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