15HP Mini Tractor

  • 4×2 motor tractor with combination panel
  • O category 540 rpm, rear-mounted three-point suspension
  • Narrow wheel track around 1 meter, tractor-mounted air blast sprayer for grapes, apple tree, pear tree, etc.
  • Tire front and back, 400-12/750-16,  inter-row cultivation

15HP Mini Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

15HP Mini Tractor Technical Data

Features & Benefits

  • We can monitor the temperature of coolant on the dashboard of the mini tractor, preventing the engine from overheating
  • Gear drive tractor, more suitable for paddy field and not easy broken
  • High-quality rubber tires are wear-resistant and durable
  • Gearbox airtight test, there is no leakage


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