24HP Mini Tractor

  • 17.6kw four-wheel motor tractor could meet the household land or small farm 20 acres to 10 hectares
  • An ideal tractor for hilly, mountain areas, dry farms, fruit land, garden, and forest
  • Gear direct connection tractor long time using
  • HS 385 three-cylinder tractor, (3+1)x2 or (4+1)x2 gear shift
  • Optional sunshade and roll-bar or glass cabin
  • Hydraulic multi-way valve, PTO 540 or 540/760

24HP Mini Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

24HP Mini Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • Differential lock increases the directional stability of the tractor and reduces skidding
  • The lock is crucial when driving on swampy and snow-covered terrain
  • Famous brand engine with environment approved certificate, 3C certificated, CQC to confirm the tractor quality
  • Rear-mounted implements mower, grass cutter, disc plow, etc.,  transport trailer, reduce input cost but increase output
  • Rich soil chooses a 4×4 tractor, sandy land 4×2 is good to work
  • Forward speed maximum 30kw/h, fuel consumption <250g/kw*h
  • The high lifting force of the mechanism, allows the operator to adjust the adapters of the attachments and work effectively in fields or gardens

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