30HP 4x4 Tractor

  • 304 four-cylinder diesel engine small tractor, 8F+2R gear shift
  • Double speed PTO 540-760 rpm, more durable balers, mowers implements
  • Tire 600-16/950-24, 1.2-meter wheel track, tilling, planting, growing maintenance, harvesting, sweeping, etc. front and back working tools
  • Single-action clutch, the rotary cultivator does not work when shifting gears

30HP 4x4 Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

30HP 4x4 Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • Hydraulic power steering (4WD) makes it easy to control and reduces the labor strength of the operator
  • Adjustable rear wheelbase, a wide range of options, strong adaptability, to meet plowing, rotary tillage, sowing, medicine, fertilizer, and other operations
  • Special front axle and the front wheel can achieve accuracy of 0.9 meters, 0.96 meters, 1 meter
  • The maximum gap can reach 380mm, and medium tillage management does not damage seedlings
  • Imported hydraulic pipe oil seal to prevent oil leakage

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