• 4-wheel drive Cultivator, two-wheel walk, and two-wheel working
  • Power: Gasoline 7.5hp-11hp. Diesel 6.5hp-12hp
  • Front/Back ditcher blade for hill up potatoes, vegetables, grapes, tobacco, etc. with narrow wheel track
  • Both gear model and belt model are available
  • Free accessories: iron wheels, backfilling blades, ditching blades, deep plowing blades, weeding wheel, rotary tilling blades guard plate, 350-6 tires

Cultivator Prices & Usage Scenarios

Cultivator Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • If your plot is within 5-15 acres, this small cultivator could help you complete basic farm tasks. Labor-saving, and easy to operate
  • Various kinds of blades could be matched. With a unique ditching function  and other small tillers can not match
  • The gearbox is different from other models, suitable for wet soil, hilly, sandy, and improving the working efficiency

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