16HP Power Tiller

  • 16hp hand tractor, 4 belt pulley, and double wear-resisting clutch
  • Over 20 attachments are suitable for the tiller, especially a disc plow for hard soil and other multifunctional tools attach to the walking tractor
  • Tiller width up to 150 cm
  • Hand tractors are also known as two-wheel tractors, walking tractors, walk-behind tractor, and power tiller

16HP Hand Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

16HP Walking Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits 

  • Small volume, large power, low fuel consumption, light, working flexible, save time and labor
  • The integral cast iron gearbox has good rigidity, no deformation, high precision, long service life
  • The gear lever is chrome plated and will not rust
  • With high-quality 600-12 tires, adjustable wheel track, meet different planting space
  • This walk-behind tractor is highly recommended to people who have hard soil fields because it can complete doing farm work from tillage to harvesting
  • More than 60 years of technical experience in China, parking brake: ring type brake with inner pads

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