10HP Walking Tractor

  • 101 chassis 10hp hand-tractor, quick start in winter
  • A multifunction machine-like tilling, planting, growing maintenance, harvesting, sweeping, transportation, etc. 
  • 6F+2R gear shift, two disk friction type clutch
  • Tilling width up to 110cm, continues working over 3 hours with good heat dissipation system

10HP Hand Tractor Prices & Usage Scenarios

10HP Walking Tractor Technical Data

Features And Benefits

  • ZR190 water cooling diesel engine, electric start
  • It can be used in greenhouses, small vegetable fields, etc. 
  • Steering lockable with swivel collar, and hillside operation is more effective
  • In-house inspection including gears shifts and engines to assure superior quality
  • With 12 month’s warranty
  • PTO available, thickening semi-axle
  • No matter sandy soil, or a wet field, the walking tractor can work very well

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