Hay Kneading Machine

  • Power source: Electric motor, Gasoline engine, or Diesel engine
  • Production capacity: 0.8 tons to 5.5 tons per hour
  •  Alloy knife with dual pressure roller, saving more power, excellent durability
  • Suitable for wet and dry dual-use

Hay Kneading Machine Prices & Usage Scenarios

Features and Benefits

  • The utilization rate and palatability of forage grass were improved. Suitable for animal husbandry plants, paper mills, feed processing plants, and other fields
  • Crush, longitudinally cut, squeeze, knead and destroy the hard stem section on the surface of the straw, the processed forage does not lose nutrients and it is easy for livestock to digest and absorb
  •  Free spare parts

Hay Kneading Machine Technical Data

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